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A Nordic debt advisor ensuring the best financing

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+30 years



Debt Advisory

  • Credit analysis and assessment of debt opportunities
  • Structuring of terms and drafting of credit material
  • Project management and liaising with lenders
  • Negotiation of terms and execution of loan documentation
  • Follow-up and support in subsequent reporting

Neptune Partners and Debt Advisory

Neptune Partners is an independent debt advisor with good relations with the absolute majority of the Nordic lenders, as well as a large number of debt funds in Europe and the USA. With legal and financial expertise, we specialize in structuring and negotiating loan terms and associated documentation to achieve best possible debt financing for our customers.

Neptune Partners works with all types of debt financing and thoroughly analyzes the customer’s options for various loans and which lenders are relevant for the specific company and its needs. We always represent the borrower and are fully independent in relation to the lenders. We drive the transaction from initial discussions with the borrower to a signed loan agreement with the lender and we also support subsequent discussions.