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About Neptune Partners

Neptune Partners was founded with the vision to integrate financial and legal transaction advisory to be able to create the best possible value for the customer through a unique offering.

Number of professionals


Combined experience

+30 years



Focus on debt financing and transactions

Neptune Partners is an independent advisory and transaction firm with focus on debt financing and other corporate transactions in the Nordics and Europe.

We offer a combination of financial and legal advisory where we deliver integrated services within advisory, project management and execution of debt financings and other corporate transactions.

Tailored solutions without obligations

Our starting point is the client’s needs and we tailor our offering to the client’s situation. Our approach is based on attaining a sound understanding of the client needs and thereafter we present a palette of options with trade-offs and a clear recommendation. By providing tailored advisory we can offer the financing or transaction type that suits the client best. Our team has extensive experience from debt financing and other corporate transactions and we have access to many different types of lenders and other investors.

Our clients only pay for our services if the provided advisory renders in a completed project. Being able to offer a success-based remuneration model as a sole advisor – for both financial and legal services – makes us unique.

Holistic advisory for financial and legal transactions

We know that companies appreciate clarity and fewer, rather than more, advisors in a transaction. There is often a demand for a unified and integrated competence with cohesive project management in complex and time-consuming transactions. We assume this role and meet these demands. By an integrated and combined financial and legal advisory (one stop shop) we secure optimal efficiency in each engagement without any loose ends. We assist the client throughout the process, from the start to having executed the transaction, and involve the client as desired.

Our business areas

Our three business areas are based on our combined competencies and enable our clients to obtain integrated services with a holistic perspective. Our logotype – the Roman god Neptune’s trident – represents our three business areas which together forms the core of the firm’s business.

Financial Advisory

Financial analysis and advisory in connection with capital raisings and other corporate transactions.

Transaction Law

Legal transaction advisory integrated with our two other business areas or on a stand-alone basis.

Financing & Transactions

Project management and execution of capital raisings and other corporate transactions.

Proud sponsor of Bromma Karateklubb

We have a great interest in sports and health and have chosen to financially sponsor Bromma Karateklubb, an association with a passion for karate where children, young people and adults are welcome. The association has existed for over 25 years, is run by passionate instructors and has achieved great success in Swedish and international karate.

Karate means empty hand in Japanese and involves defense techniques with bare hands or feet without weapons. All that is required to practice karate is a uniform (gi), a respectful attitude and the desire to develop – a mentality that appeals to us at Neptune Partners.